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Nurture growth and develop the skills and self-esteem

Newbury Park PONY Baseball

Mission Statement

It is our intent to nurture growth and develop the skills and self-esteem of the participants of NPPB. Our focus is enabling each participant to be in an environment where he/she can realize a higher level of relative success than that which they began. Being competitive is a part of sports and a part of life, and we support our environment in nurturing the growth of our participants so they will be prepared to have relative and absolute success in both. Understanding our mission statement and league philosophy will eliminate many questions or challenges you might have before, during or after the baseball season. 

Sports by nature are events that should be fun. The Board for Newbury Park Pony Baseball believes that fun is associated with success and that success is all relative to each individual. Participants taking pride in their environment evolves from the fun in being successful and competitive. It is relative success and a positive experience that will incite NPPB players to continue participating in our league and we are determined to create an environment supporting both. We believe that we can accomplish this goal by embracing the development of our participants. Therefore, Newbury Park PONY Baseball is committed to nurturing growth. Sports provide the quintessential environment for young people to begin learning about the traits necessary to be successful: character, discipline, sacrifice, commitment, and teamwork. Baseball is the tool we at NPPB will utilize to nurture these character-traits and help grow our participants.

Healthy Competition

Organized sports are a naturally competitive environment by definition. The definition of competitive is in or decided by competition. NPPB chooses to embrace not disregard the word competitive; in its holistic sense. The board is not inclined to focus on wins and losses, but rather on evolving the skill set of all NPPB participants. It is our belief that if we are properly nurturing growth, NPPB participants will naturally be more competitive resulting in a more favorable outcome and a more rewarding experience for all involved.

Relative Success

Relative success is a mantra in which NPPB firmly believes. The Board recognizes that there are a multitude of different talent levels for league participants. For this reason, we will focus on properly placing NPPB participants in the appropriate level so they can realize individual success. ;Where we have American and National levels, NPPB will not endorse improperly placing participants at a higher level due to avoidance of stigmas or other irrelevant ideologies. Improperly placing NPPB players significantly decreases their opportunity to be successful and will inhibit their chances to achieve relative success, which defies our league mission statement. In addition, it is unfair to both the more developed players and the less developed players to inaccurately place participants as it will undermine the chances for either player to be their most competitive. Thus, it will result in a less favorable experience for all and increase the risk of participants losing interest which goes against our goal of inspiring players to return to NPPB.


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Newbury Park PONY Baseball

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