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Jan, 2017

Shetland Division Descriptions

Attention all Shetland Parents

The Shetland Division is divided into two divisions - a Gold Division and a Black Division.  The Gold Division comprises primarily of 6U players (or players in their final year of Shetland) and some 5U players.  We encourage all 6U players to play in the Gold Division, as it will help with their transition to Pinto the following year.  However, if your child is new to baseball and a 6U player, you can opt to have them play in the Black Division.

The Gold Division will play with outs (3-outs and the inning is over) or if you score five runs in an inning, then the other team will bat.  If a child strikes out, they will still have a chance to hit the ball off the tee in the first half of the season.  Starting in the second half of the season, the tee will slowly begin to be removed as an option and the players will get 5 pitches from the pitching machine.  While scores or standings will be kept for the second half of the season, we still encourage positive coaching and sportsmanship.  At the end of the season, the Gold Division will have a double-elimination playoff (similar to every other division in NPPB) where score will be kept with real umpires at the games.  This will be their opportunity to finally put to use everything they have learned during the season.

The Black Division for the first half of the season will be played like the Shetland Division has been played in years past - everyone will bat and field three times. Starting in the second half of the season, we will progressively introduce outs and limited tee availability.  Both divisions will play on the same fields and use the same equipment.

All players must attend a short evaluation on Saturday, January 21st at the TBD Playfields.  An evaluation schedule will be sent at least a week prior to the date.  The purpose of the evaluation is to ensure that all teams are balanced.  All 5U players that elect to participate in the Gold Division must attend the evaluation and evaluate in the top TBD % (25% or 50% depending on number of 6U players) of everyone participating in the evaluation, otherwise they must remain in the Black Division.  All 6U players automatically qualify for the Gold Division, unless their parents opt them out for the Black Division.

Please contact Darren Garlock, Shetland Division Director, at [email protected] with any questions. 

Age Definitions
5U = DOB b/t May 1, 2011 to April 30, 2012
6U = DOB b/t May 1, 2010 to April 30, 2011

Field Status

Open Open

Dos Vientos Community Park (04:40 PM | 03/24/19)

Open Open

Sequoia Middle School (05:04 PM | 03/08/19)

Open Open

Cypress Park (04:40 PM | 03/24/19)

Open Open

Cypress Elem School (05:04 PM | 03/08/19)

Open Open

Del Prado Playfields (04:40 PM | 03/24/19)

Open Open

Pepper Tree Playfields (04:40 PM | 03/24/19)