Newbury Park PONY Baseball

About Our Club

It is our intent to nurture growth and develop the skills and self-esteem of the participants of NPPB. Our focus is enabling each participant to be in an environment where he/she can realize a higher level of relative success than that which they began. Being competitive is a part of sports and a part of life, and we support our environment in nurturing the growth of our participants so they will be prepared to have relative and absolute success in both. Understanding our mission statement and league philosophy will eliminate many questions or challenges you might have before, during or after the baseball season. 


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Jun 10,2016

Shetland Gold, Pinto-Bronco Black CHAMPIONS!

Gallery of Tournament Champions

Jun 01,2016

Shetland Gold, Pinto - Bronco Black Brackets

See here for Shetland Gold, Pinto Black, Mustang Black and Bronco Black playoff brackets.

May 23,2016

Memorial Day Tournament Sign-Up

Please come out and support NPPB! This is our biggest fundraiser of the year and we need your help! Thank you for volunteering your time!

Field Status

Open Open

Dos Vientos Playfield (03:08 PM | 11/02/16)

Open Open

Sequoia Middle School (03:08 PM | 10/31/16)

Open Open

Cypress Park (03:07 PM | 10/31/16)

Open Open

Del Prado Playfield (12:36 PM | 11/01/16)

Open Open

Maple Elementary (03:07 PM | 10/31/16)

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